“I was referred to Dr. Newman for botox by a family member who had a positive experience with the same procedure. My experience at the Newman Eye Center was pleasant beyond expectation. From administrative staff to the doctor, I found myself walking in a client and leaving feeling as if I’d known these people for years. At this family operated business, I found everyone was kind and respectful of my wishes and concerns. I am 36 years old and saw Dr. Newman for a botox treatment on my face. At the time I arrived, I was feeling somewhat haggard and felt that years of stressful work was showing on my face. I had hoped that Dr. Newman’s expertise and knowledge of the facial muscles surrounding the eye would allow him to perform some art as well as medicine in terms of rejuvenating my face. Dr. Newman was fantastic, as were his assistants. During the procedure, they talked to me about casual day-to-day things, thus making a potentially awkward procedure comfortable. Although Dr. Newman chatted with me, it was obvious that he was focused on the real job at hand, which was placing the botox exactly where it needed to go in the muscles to suit my individual needs and also, using just the right amount for each area. Within three days, I saw a huge difference in my face; I looked a decade younger and the treatment looked natural! Even though I could get treatment locally, I just feel that Dr. Newman’s expertise and wonderful experience with the staff is worth the four hour trip. It makes a big difference seeing someone who is well-acquainted with the muscles of the eye and face vs. picking up a treatment at a botox party. It has been three months since treatment and for me, the positive results are still holding. Although I live four hours away, I will go back to Dr. Newman again when additional treatment is required.” —JD, Kingman, AZ