Before Cataract Surgery, life was blurry and dull and, even worse, I was having trouble reading scripts!! My life has now changed, dare I say- DRAMATICALLY! Thank you so much.

Cataract Surgery Patient

Jane Smith, ASB Actress

I couldn’t believe how much better I could see immediately following the surgery. I would never have guessed that you could have that much of a dramatic change in just a few minutes of time.
My golf game is better than ever ! It’s been as if I was playing a new game that I never before had the opportunity to play! The golf ball, as well as the actual golf hole, looks bigger and more distinct than I have ever seen it before.
When I am playing golf, I am able to judge distance better and I am more consistent. As any golfer would tell you, a person’s peripheral vision is “key” to being able to putt. My peripheral vision is much better after the LASIK surgery.
My ability to see the “line, slope and distance” of the green has improved dramatically, and I expect my score to continue to improve as I adjust to seeing things that I never saw before!

LASIK Patient

Mike Malaska, Golfer

The LASIK procedure has made my life and job easier… I can now read a book from a foot away, read a vehicle license plate from a car length, or see a target at 100 yards, all with out having to worry. Once again, Thank You.

LASIK Surgery Patient

Jerry Davis, Avondale Police Department

I went online and found Dr. Newman. I went down to his office for a consultation and found that both the Doctor and staff were very nice and professional. They explained everything to me and answered all my questions. The big day came and I was very nervous. Finally the procedure was over and my eyesight restored. I’m glad I had Lasik done! I see so clear and enjoy the world around me! I recommend The Newman Eye Center to everyone! It was the BEST decision I ever made, hands down!

LASIK Patient

Jenny Moore