Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery

Dr. Newman Offers Breakthrough Cataract Treatment: Customized Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Your vision is unique so why should you receive the exact same corrective surgery as another patient?  There is no cataract procedure like customized laser-assisted cataract surgery for your eyes.  Dr. Newman and the staff and Newman Eye Center are pleased to offer all laser cataract surgery; a bladeless, computer-controlled laser platform combined with the most technologically advanced diagnostics.  This platform allows Dr. Newman to plan and perform your cataract surgery to exacting, individualized specifications unattainable with other surgical methods.

A More Precise Take on Traditional Cataract Surgery

Traditional cataract surgery has always involved the use of a physical blade to create several small incisions during the procedure.  This femtosecond laser signifies a bold leap forward in cataract surgery by brining image-guided computer precision to refractive cataract surgeons.  The system performs surgery according to Dr. Newman’s preferences, specific to your eye.  By using a focused laser, pulses create the incisions in the lens capsule, crystalline lens and the cornea.  This results in treatments that are tailored to Dr. Newman’s specifications and may deliver a remarkable degree of accuracy, thereby extending Dr. Newman’s expertise with the laser precision.  Surgeons who utilize this new technology are able to create predictable openings that carry through subsequent steps of cataract surgery and it helps them deliver on a targeted refractive outcome.

When used in conjunction, all laser cataract surgery and one of the intraocular lenses offered by Dr. Newman may give patients even more visual freedom after cataract surgery, helping maintain clear vision for decades to come.

Understanding Your Options

With cataract surgery numbers growing, it is important for patients suffering from cloudy or hazy vision to understand all of their surgical options, including advanced intraocular lenses using all laser cataract surgery.  This is why Dr. Newman works so closely with Optometrists throughout the region.  If you or someone you know has cloudy or hazy vision, call or visit The Newman Eye Center for a cataract screening with Dr. Newman.