Cataract Testimonials

I did not realize how bad my cataracts were until I had a visual test at the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department), so I went to my Optometrist who then referred me to Dr. Bruce Newman. Within two days I was sitting in Dr. Newman’s office.
The staff was most helpful and friendly to me and before I left the office my surgeries were all set up. Everything was done with great ease and efficiency and all my concerns were met.
I chose to have the Crystalens and I am so very please with my choice! It was amazing how Dr. Newman could create the exact measurements to have these lenses made. The surgery was done with such comfort. I was an RN and worked in the Ear, Nose and Eye wards in the hospital, so I surely appreciated the post op care. Even on the ending of surgery, Dr.Newman phoned to make sure that I was recovering okay and if I had any concerns. The next day was the office visit.
It is sure worth having the cataracts replaced with the Crystalens even though it costs more. I am not sorry I did it and I highly recommend the Crystalens to anyone. You will not regret that decision.
Since then the staff at the Newman Eye Center have been most helpful and patient to answer any questions you have. The Newman Eye Center is one I would highly recommend to anyone with vision problems. Eye Sight is your life line to better living!

Before the cataract surgery even with glasses, I couldn’t see people’s faces or things nearby.
My sister’s co-worker recommended that I see Dr. Newman about my cataracts.
From the moment I went into the surgical center everyone made me feel at ease. The procedure was painless and over before I knew it. The real awakening was the next day when I took the patch off and the whole world opened up for me for I could actually see clearly and… I could see faces again! It was amazing! For those thinking about cataract surgery- stop thinking about it and just have the procedure. The Toric Lens is a blessing for us that had astigmatism. Thank you, Dr. Newman. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Dr. Newman and his office staff stepped in at the last minute to meet my scheduled cataract surgery. On the very last day before my cataract surgery was to be performed my previous eye surgeon was unable to do the surgery on my left eye. He referred me to Dr. Newman and Dr. Newman agreed to meet with me at his office. He not only took on my case at the last hour, but stayed late to find my unusual lens size, a minus 13. Debbie was able to locate a lens and called me at 7 P.M. to let me know that the surgery would take place the next morning. Dr. Newman put me at ease with his special treatment and the procedure went perfectly. After wearing corrective lenses for most of my life, I see without the need of eye glasses. What a wonderful way to wake up each morning!

Before I saw Dr. Newman I wore glasses and my vision was horrible. I could not see without my glasses. Now I need no glasses and I am grateful to Dr. Newman for what he has done for me. I would recommend Dr. Newman for any cataract surgery you have. Thank you staff and Dr. Newman!

Dr.Newman and his staff are incredible, offering excellent care and thoughtful information. After my cataract surgery, my vision is amazing. Dr. Newman’s skill and advice to implant the Toric Lens resulted in unbelievable results and NO DISCOMFORT!

After wearing glasses all my life, my eyes were getting worse and I discovered that had a cataract in each eye. My Optometrist recommended Dr. Newman for the surgery. At the Newman Eye Center, I received expert care that was kind and caring. The Staff, and of course. Dr. Newman are just wonderful. I felt completely comfortable and assured that the surgery would be successful. Dr. Newman performed the surgery on both eyes within a few weeks of each other. The results are a miracle! I can drive and read without glasses which I could never do before.

Dr. Newman exceeded my expectations. I would have been pleased to be able to see distance without glasses. He not only corrected my distance vision but also corrected my vision where i can read without corrective glasses. I had LASIK Surgery in September of 2001. It now has been almost 7 years and my vision is still wonderful.

Prior to surgery, my eyesight had deteriorated to such a point that my job, driving and reading were becoming negatively affected.Post surgery, I feel as though I have a new lease on life. My eyesight is now remarkable thanks to the Tecnis Multifocal lens and to Dr. Newman’s expertise.

Life was blurry and dull and, even worse, I was having trouble reading scripts!! My life has now changed, dare I say- DRAMATICALLY! Thank you so much.

– ASB Actress

For those thinking about cataract surgery- stop thinking about it and just have the procedure. The Toric Lens is a blessing for us that had astigmatism. Thank you Dr. Newman…THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Prior to surgery I had zero visibility with only light and dark in my left eye. I can now see everything and may not even have to wear glasses except to read. Thank you for my miracle!

Recommended by Dr. P, had very bad cataracts and stigma condition. In left eye after surgery, I have 20–20 vision, and have a very high regard and trust in Dr. Newman.

LN Phoenix