What is a Pterygium?

A pterygium is a fleshy, wedge shaped growth that resides on the corenea of the eye.
The growth usually begins on the outer edge of the eye and extends towards the center.
The pterygium is an abnormal process where the Conjunctiva grows onto the cornea.

What causes a Pterygium?

Long term exposure to ultraviolet sunlight and chronic dry eye conditions. This is more oftentimes
found with people that spend alot of time and constantly exposed to wind, dust, and sun.
They are found 3 times more often in males than females.

What are the Symptons?

Symptons of a Pterygium include blurred vision and eye irritation such as itching, burning, and scratchiness.
They are slow to grow and during this process can appear red and swollen. In many instances they can stabilize and not cause a problem but if it grows over the center of the cornea, vision loss will result.

How is a Pterygium treated?

If redness and irritaion is prevalent, then drops can be administered to reduce the inflamation and relieve dryness. Surgery is necessary if vision is impaired.


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