Multifocal Lens – ReSTOR®

Artificial lenses (IOLs) are implanted in the eye to replace natural lenses for patients with cataracts, presbyopia or severe refractive errors. that have been damaged by cloudy cataracts or presbyopia. Until recently, IOLs were only available to correct distance vision. These monofocal lenses helped improve distance vision after cataract surgery, but patients still needed glasses or contact lenses for near vision activities like reading and playing cards. Now, advancements in technology have produced multifocal IOLs that allow patients to see at all distances — near, far and many distances in between. Multifocal IOLs such as ReStor®, ReZoom™preserve distance vision and correct presbyopia so cataract surgery patients — and patients seeking treatment for presbyopia alone — can enjoy sight with less dependence on glasses

The procedure to replace a patient’s natural lens with a multifocal IOL is the same as that used in cataract surgery.

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