Restasis – Dry Eye Drop

We met with some representatives from Allergan today to learn more about Restasis, the Dry Eye Drop.

Unlike most over the counter dry eye drops, Restasis treats the underlying cause of the dry eyes that are experienced by millions of patients throughout the world.  It should be taken for over 30 days to start seeing and feeling the results. Some patients can actually get off of the medicine after 90 days while some patients continue to utilize the drops for longer periods of time.

It is available by prescription only. For those patients hard hit by the economy, there’s a webiste that one can go to that provides information about getting your scripts for a reduced amount. The website, which is part of the Allergan Patient Assistance Program, is called RXHope and can be found at:

One can also go the the following website to obtain a coupon for $20 off:

Call us today to get more information about Restasis!