Perlane is very similar to the dermal filler Restylane which are both manufactured by the same company, Medicis Aesthetics Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona.
This filler is used to enhance the volume and size of the lips as well as to diminish the large folds that occur between the the mouth and the nose and the “worry lines” on the forehead.
The treatment lasts for about 6 months but it varies from person to person.
The procedure is administred here in our surgery center by Bruce Newman M.D. and requires a topical anesthetic. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes.
There are side effects that everyone should be aware of which include swelling and redness and some times associated pain which doesn’t last longer than a week. Red bumps could occur around the injectaible site but this is rare. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on blood thinners, you shouldn’t have the Perlane injection.
Also, if you have herpes, the injection may aggrevate the condition, so let your Doctor know if your prone to reactions.