I have a cataract so which lens implant is best for me?

This depends first on the health of your eye. If you have retinal problems, glaucoma or lazy eye you are limited most likely to a basic monofocal lens. This will correct distance and most likely you will need reading glasses. If your eye is healthy you could be a candidate for a multifocal or accommodating lens to help restore your reading too.

I have a cataract and astigmatism. Can both be fixed at the time of surgery?

Yes by implanting a Toric lens implant or limbal relaxing incision.

What is mono vision?

This is when the dominant eye is set for distance and the nondominant eye for near. This works very well for most patients. It’s best if a trial is done before surgery.

Is LASIK the best procedure for treating refractive errors?

Not always. PRK or surface ablation is better for patients with dry eye, thin corneas or patients at risk for trauma such as those in the military.

Is Custom laser treatment required for everyone?

No. It is really better for those with large pupils, high amounts of astigmatism and higher refractive errors. Otherwise we have not seen a noticeable clinical difference.

Do you offer free screenings or warranties?

Yes, free screenings and one year warranty. There is still a minimal key card fee for enhancements. Yearly post LASIK/PRK checks are included for three years post op.

Do you treat glaucoma at the same time as cataract surgery?

Sometimes, but usually drops and laser Trabeculoplasty first. If pressure controlled studies show that cataract surgery may lower the pressure further. So may be able to stop some medications after cataract surgery. If pressure is not controlled, cataract surgery can be combined with express shunt or Canaloplasty.

How do I know when insurance will cover a blepharoplasty?

The excess upper lid skin has to be blocking the pupil enough to cause a visual field defect. Otherwise it is considered cosmetic.

Can cosmetic blepharoplasty be done in the office OR suite?

Yes if you are healthy only oral sedation and local anesthesia is required.

Can I get a touch up?

Yes, after a few months more tissue can be removed if needed usually for a small fee to cover the facility and supplies. It’s better to under correct than over correct.

Why do you use Dysport more than Botox?

Dysport has a faster onset and studies show it can usually last longer. Medicis pharmaceutical is located here in Scottsdale and we can get better pricing too.

Is Restylane better than Perlane?

Yes in thinner tissues such as the tear trough. Also, it’s FDA approved for the lips. Otherwise Perlane which is 4 times thicker is better in areas like the nasolabial folds where it can last longer.