Tired of using expensive creams to try covering up the puffiness of lower lids? Dr. Newman of Newman Eye Center treats the tear trough with Restylane® or Juvéderm® filler.

Dr. Newman states that the key is to inject deep near the bone to avoid a wormy effect. Also because the area is so vascular great care must be taken to avoid the numerous blood vessels. Small amounts of filler are added two weeks later to the area if more is needed.

The treatment lasts for up to 18 months and is performed in our office by Dr. Newman.

Total cost $495.

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“I chose Dr. Newman to do my injectables because I liked the idea of an Ophthalmologist performing the services in my eye area. As a new patient with Dr. Newman I was very pleased with the quality and care shown by Dr. Newman and his staff. I had injectables done in the past and I found his procedure to be the least uncomfortable I have experienced. The results were wonderful and I will most certainly return in the future!”